Products & Services

We specialize in preventive and interventive conservation and restoration of art and antiques these can be from any period or region. When required restoration work can also be undertaken however always with an emphasis on minimal intervention, international conservation standards and ethics. We have an office in Singapore since 2003 and in Basel, Switzerland since 1961.

Preventive Conservation

We will try to suggest or provide the best conditions for artworks to survive. Certain environmental conditions such as sunlight extreme temperatures and high humidity can cause the artwork to deteriorate. This is specially a problem in the tropical urban climate in Singapore. To prevent damage the environment is monitored and controlled to provide an optimum balance between the preservation needs of the object and the viewing and operational requirements of the client.

Interventive Conservation

The aim is to stabilise the surface and/or the body of an artwork. By deliberately altering the chemical and/or physical structure. The techniques and materials applied are chosen for either their reversibility and/or durability. Materials and techniques applied in the Western hemisphare are not always suitable for the tropical climate present in Singapore and most of South East Asia.


To reconstruct the body and surface of an artefact, to an imaginary state of perfection. By this action some of the original information can be covered or lost, for the sake of a self imposed integrity of an artefact.

Condition Reports

The artwork will be examined, their general well being in terms of structural integrity and overall condition with respect to preservation status assessed.

A report should contain the following points:
  • Authenticity of the artefact
  • Weathering processes that lead to deterioration of the artwork
  • Wear and tear due to aging
  • Damage due to poor handling, packaging, disasters or accidents
  • Estimation of decline in value
  • Previous conservation or restoration treatments
  • Chemical analysis of surface and or body of the artwork
  • Recommendations for storage, display, handling
    (These reports can be used for legal and insurance purposes)